About Us

About us

We are ADF

Making Ambazonia a better place

The ADF of the AGC has lunch this platform to seek for support directly from our people throughout the world. We are committed to resist the forces of occupation in our motherland Ambazonia.

Self Defense

The ADF has vigilantes in every community of our land who keep watch to protect the life of innocent civilians been brutally killed and abducted by LRC

ADF Special Projects Relief Efforts

The ADF has dispatch Volunteers to take care of the Ambazonian civilian communities been raided by the brutal regime of  La Republic Du Cameroun.  We provide food and medical supplies to our foot soldiers the heroes of Ambazonia on weekly bases.


The AGC has not been at rest working day and night seeking support from the international community to address a lasting solution fast-track the Ambazonian Independence.  Please visit https://www.agcfreeambazonia.org/

Watch:  Ambazonia Defense Council authorizing Self Defense in Southern Cameroons

As we prosecute the difficult, dangerous and noble duty of freeing the land of Ambazonia from foreign domination, we continue to solicit, implore and challenge the best of our land to make the great sacrifice of contributing their time, talents and resources to this noble task. I am humbled by how positively every single person called upon to take on these challenging roles have responded. None, more so than this group here. As such, it is with thanks that I welcome all of you into the Department of Defense Executive Council:

  • Comrade Ayamba F.; Department of Defense Secretary General (DDSG)
  • Comrade Theodoris M.S.; Department of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  • Comrade Roland F.; Department of Defense Finance (DDF)
  • Comrade Bella I.; Department of Defense Fin Strat (DDFS)
  • Comrade Pascal W.; Department of Defense Logistic (DDL)
  • Comrade Brandon F.; Department of Defense Recruitment & Human Services (DDRH)
  • Comrade Pascal K.; Department of Defense Special Projects (DDSP)
  • Comrade Nchenge A.; Defense Information & Communication (DIC)
  • Comrade Bruno M.; Defense Information Systems Technology (DIST)
  • Comrade Sumangu J.; Special Adviser on Defense to the CIC and Defense Council Chair
  • Comrade Michael S.; Special Adviser – Operations and Planning

The task of setting up the first truly functioning administrative unit that will be the first governing structure to come in contact with each inch of our liberated territory is in the hands of the ADF and now the duty of this Council. We must rise up to meet this challenge right now by putting in place an efficient War Department to prosecute our liberation and hand over back to our people, a land ready for governance not chaos.

Thank you all for answering this call to duty.

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